Right Angle Prisms

Right Angle Prisms are trilateral blocks of glass with one 90° and two 45° angles compatible for retro-reflection and beam deviation. They are commonly used for light path deviation by 90° as the light replicates off a single surface causing the light to redirect at the given angle. In some cases, it can be deviated at 180° depending on the external used as the input of the light source.

When an image path needs to be bent and redirected at 90°, right angle prisms are used. The result is a left-handed image which may be inverted or reverted depending on the alignment of the prism. Precision grade right angle prisms provide excellent surface quality and constricted tolerance angles. The regular use of this type of prism is to turn light over 90° by inner reflection from the hypotenuse making it the best alternative for a mirror.  It comes with a variety of coatings suited for different applications.