Broadband AR coatings (SAR / BBAR)


Reflectance: Rave < 1.5% Rave < 0.5%
Damage Threshold: > 3 J / cm² @ 10 ns > 5 J / cm² @ 10 ns
Durability: MIL-C-675 MIL-C-675

  • Single Layer
  • Multilayer Broadband

Anti-reflection coatings are offered to reduce surface reflections to a minimum. Two types of broadband coating are offered. A single layer of MgF2 on Fused Silica or BK7 reduces reflections per surface to about 1.5% over a broad bandwidth. If lower reflectance is required a multilayer broadband coating will provide an average reflectance less than 0.5% per surface.

Part No.


Wavelengths Covered (nm)

SAR2-250 Single layer, two sides 200-350
SAR2-400 Single layer, two sides 300-600
SAR2-550 Single layer, two sides 400-680
SAR2-800 Single laser, two sides 600-1200
BBAR1-300 Multilayer broadband, two sides 248-420
BBAR2-550 Multilayer broadband, two sides 440-680
BBAR2-800 ultilayer broadband, two sides 650-1000
BBAR2-850 Multilayer broadband, two sides 670-1064
BBAR2-1100 Multilayer broadband, two sides 860-1320
BBAR2-1250 Multilayer broadband, two sides 1000-1500
BBAR2-1550 Multilayer broadband, two sides 1250-1650

Other wavelengths are also available upon request.  Please specify. 

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