Cube Beamsplitters – Non Polarizing

When an incident light needs to be divided by a specific percentage without altering the S and P-polarization states, use non-polarizing beamsplitters. This type of beamsplitter doesn’t change the polarization state of the reflected or transmitted light.  Most commonly used applications include laser beam manipulation, life science instrumentation, or interferometry.  You can choose from different configurations for non-polarizing beamsplitters such as cube, plate or lateral displacement.

Non-polarizing cube beamsplitter consists of two cemented high tolerance right angle prisms. This is tiled together with a metallic-dielectric coating on one of the prims’ hypotenuse. The polarization state of the incident beam is the same because of the low polarization dependence of the metallic-dielectric coating.  There is only 5% of the reflection and transmission for S and P-polarization states. Moreover, cube beamsplitters are best used for simplified mounting or system integration with its durability.

Broadband and single wavelength non-polarizing cube beamsplitters are offered with an antireflective coating. This is applied to each surface of the beamsplitter for an effective and maximum transmission within the desired wavelength range.