Polarizers are optical filters widely used for hot spots or glare reductions, stress evaluations and contrast enhancement in imaging applications.  It can also perform different measurements in acoustic vibrations, molecular structures, change in magnetic fields, chemical interactions and temperature.  The light transmission that passes through a polarizer depends strongly on the direction of the polarization.

Polarized light can have circular, elliptical or linear polarization.  In choosing the best polarizer for your application, consider its extinction ratio, transmission, acceptance angle, construction, clear aperture, optical path length, damage threshold and costing.

Here at Lambda Research Optics, we offer a wide range of polarization optics that include calcite, plate, cube, to waveplates polarizers.  Our polarizer lineup has been continually expanding to cater to the requirements of our customers.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact one of our engineers using our contact form or call us.  We’ll be ready to assist you.