Custom Optics

Lambda offers a wide range of customized optics.  We have always welcomed custom prototype projects as our master opticians and engineers look forward to working on new challenges. We understand that our customers expect us to produce custom optics accurately and quickly in this competitive environment. We strive to meet & beat these expectations.  Although we cannot cover every customized parts we have done, below you will see just a few that Lambda can offer you from ground zero.


Custom Prisms are used in numerous applications in the aerospace & defense industries.  Retro-reflector is used in range finder & topographical surveying instruments.  Highly reflecting prisms are used in various periscope applications.

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Thermal Imaging Optics

Lambda manufactures many internal transmissive optics (windows & lenses) that are used in thermal imaging instruments.  These devices are installed on various platforms, such as military vehicles, aircraft, naval ships, etc.

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UV Optics

When working at such short wavelengths, great care must be taken to prevent the occurrence of small defects in the optical components or their coatings. Also, coating layers are very thin requiring a high degree of precision and control in their deposition.

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IR Optics

High quality optics play key roles in Thermal Imaging camera and devices. These devices are installed on various different platforms, such as military vehicles, aircrafts, naval ships etc. Thermal devices are often exposed to harsh environments.

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High Power Nd: YAG Optics

Applications of Nd: YAG lasers are numerous. Nd:YAG lasers can be found in material processing, military medical, semi-conductor, & biotech industries.

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CO2 Focusing Lens

In addition to custom optics, Lambda offers a wide range of replacement focusing lenses.  With the use of low absorption coating and material, our long-life optics continue performing.

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Cylindrical Lens

Cylindrical lenses produce an optical power in one axis, by “stretching” a point of light into a line.  One or both surfaces of the lens are formed to have a convex or concave cylinder shape.

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Lambda manufactures precision waveplates to exacting standards.  Though we offer a large array of standard wavelengths and sizes, we also work together with you to build your customized needs.

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