At Lambda (Costa Mesa, CA), we have 16 coating chambers in operation that cover the complete spectrum of 193nm – 20µm.  Our in-house coating department is organized in 2 specialty groups with its own dedicated personnel and equipment.  We understand coating is the key to precision optics.  Lambda has invested in equipment capable of using many of the latest coating technologies.  Most of the coating technicians have been with us for over 20 years.  With experience and technology, we are able to produce the most precise coatings in a controllable and repeatable manner.

UV-NIR (193-3000nm) division

Infrared (3000-20000nm) division

Lambda develops unique coating processes and constantly improves its control over its procedures.

  • Electron beam deposition
  • Electron beam deposition with ion assist
  • Thermal evaporation
  • VEST Coating (Plasma Source

Here are the types of coatings available.

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