Optical Prisms

Optical prisms are used to redirect light at a given angle.  Their advantage is the flexible capacity to reverse the direction of light via internal reflection.  These prisms are normally categorized by each shape of their bases.   Each type of prisms diversifies how light beam is manipulated and split into various components based on their polarizations.  

These prisms need to be fabricated with stringent tolerances and precisions.  Hence, they require an experienced and skilled technician to inspect and adjust the surfaces being created.  Here at Lambda Research Optics, we understand prisms and we offer a various range of Optical Prisms with diverse designs, substrates, or coating options.  These include Corner Cubes, Dove Prism, Equilateral, Isosceles, Littrow Dispersing, Pelin, Penta, Porrow, Rhomboid prisms, or Right Angle.  Anti-reflection coatings options are available upon request.