As it all began at a small garage in Santa Fe Springs, California with 1st vacuum chamber for optics coating in 1991, Lambda has undoubtedly come a long way in establishing itself to becoming one of the most competitive optical manufacturing companies.  During the period of recognition and growth, we had developed tremendous expertise in the various optical components for use throughout the optical spectrum.  From the vacuum ultraviolet to the mid infra-red and from optical materials optical coating, we’ve become a reliable source for many well- known industries in medical equipment, military and aerospace, imaging, semiconductor, high power laser, and space satellite (just to name a few).  Since then, we have accumulated comprehensive fabrication and coating capabilities at our US-based headquarter in addition to our affiliated companies in South Korea and China.


  • May 07 – Lambda Research Optics, Inc. established in 14821 Santa Fe Springs, CA. Installation of the 1st vacuum chamber for optics coating.


  • September – Relocated Lambda-USA to 17605 Fabrica Way, Cerritos, CA. (12,000 ftfacility)


  • February – Established fabrication & polishing departments.
  • March – Production of optics with IR material (ZnSe, Ge, ZnS, Si)
  • April – Production of COreplacement optics.


  • July – Established Lambda Changchun, Inc. in Changchun, China.


  • March – Established Lambda Research Optics Korea, Inc. in Seoul, Korea.


  • October – Installation of 1st coating chamber in Lambda-Korea.


  • January – Relocated Lambda-USA to 1695 MacArthur Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA. (34,000 ftfacility)


  • June – Established Lambda Research Optics, Europe in Gent, Belgium.
  • July – Commenced R&D on VeLo15 coating.


  • April – Developed VEST coatings; plasma source deposition.
  • June – Developed VeLo15 (Very Low Absorption) AR coating.
  • Patent for VeLo15 coating pending
  • July – Installation of Lambda-USA’s 16th coating chamber for optics.
  • September – Installation of two 48” Continuous Polishing (CP) systems.


  • February – Established Lambda Research Optics, Japan Sales Office.


  • November – Closed down Belgium R&D operation.


  • Patent awarded of the United States Patent Application Ser. No 12/665,480 for ‘Low Absorption Optical Coating Apparatus and Related Methods Using ThF4/BaF2 Comination’.
  • Installation 17th coating chamber for optics.
  • Introduced F-Theta lens assembly for YAG to the laser industry market.


  • Installed a new DTM in October, 2015.


  • Sales office in Japan converted into commission bases as of 12/31/16.


  • Installed a new ION ASSIST on to C12 in August, 2017.

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