Cube Polarizers

Cube polarizer beamsplitters: they are designed and manufactured to split incident light into its polarized cube components.  This cube allows S-polarized light to be reflected at 90°, while P-polarised (undeviated) light passes through.  Similar to standard non-polarising cubes, outside surfaces are normally AR coated over the performing wavelength to reduce reflective losses.

Cube Polarizers are useful for different applications that require simplified mounting or system integration and durability.  It is mostly used in photonics instrumentation or semiconductor in transmitting P-polarized light while reflecting S-polarized light.  These are available in different wavelength ranges and common laser wavelengths.  The typical design is between 0° and 45° angle of incidence with separation of the beams at 90°.  Any split between transmission and reflection can be designed depending on the configuration.