Plate Beamsplitters – Polarizing

Plate beamsplitter is the most common type of beamsplitter which reflects and transmit light at 45° angle. Polarizing plate beamsplitter separates the input beam into two orthogonal components such as P-polarized light, which is transmitted while S-polarized light is at a 90% reflection. For less than 0.5% absorption, this is coated with an anti-reflection dielectric coating material.

Plate beamsplitter has different benefits over cube beamsplitters such as high tolerance over advanced levels of power without any mutilation and it is designed without optical adhesive for higher energy absorption.  It is commonly used in applications like laser, imaging, or life science due to its variety of configurations.

The standard % of Reflection / % of Transmission ratios of plate beamsplitter are 85:15, 70:30, 50:50, 30:70 and 15:85. Two wavelength bands from 400nm to 800nm and 700nm to 1200nm. For a more optimized performance with visible, ultraviolet or infrared wavelengths; different sizes and configurations are available for special order.