Thermal Imaging Optics

Lambda manufactures many internal transmissive optics (windows & lenses) that are used in thermal imaging instruments.  These devices are installed on various platforms, such as military vehicles, aircraft, naval ships, etc.

 It has been our mission to produce highly durable & transmissive optics for “mission critical” application.  Manufacturing spherical lenses & flat windows with dimensions > 5.0″ is our specialty.  Precise irregularity & power specifications are challenges in which Lambda surpasses every day.  In-house metrological & environmental/humidity measurements ensure that Lambda’s products meet the stringent specifications that our customers demand from us.

From Ground Zero

  • Conventionally Polished Large Visible & IR Optics to ∅ 400mm
  • ZnSe, ZnS Cleartran, Ge, Si, GaAs & other IR materials
  • Total Tavg > 98% & Ravg < 0.5% per surface for 2-5µm, and 7-14µm
  • Quick Turnaround on Custom Fabrication & Coating Services
  • Opto-mechanical Subassembly services
  • In-house environmental testing capabilities

Lambda is an ITAR compliant company and strictly adhere to all applicable MIL specifications.  The flow of sensitive information is controlled and tracked.  We strive to achieve the highest level of Quality Assurance.

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