Optical Assembly

We provide optical assembly capability that allows you to minimize optic handling.  That way, you would decrease the risk that involves any damage and contamination of your optical parts.

Our engineers will design customized mount and assembly procedures.  In addition, we can build optical assemblies to manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

Here is a list of some of our optical assembly technologies.

  • Optical Assemblies
  • Optics assembly with “optical contact” technique.
  • Multi-element achromatic lenses assembly with cement (UV or IR transmissive cements)
  • Standard Opto-mechanical Assemblies
  • Newly design mount housings of COreplacement lenses
  • Standard fixed & variable beam expanders
  • Air-spaced / Mounted waveplate assemblies
  • Custom Opto-mechanical Assemblies
  • Custom mechanical housings + Custom windows assembly
  • Design + Manufacture + Assembly : one stop solution

Optically Contacted Cube Beamsplitter

We use special bonding technology to bond optical components.  These include such as cube beamsplitters, x-cubes, and beam combiners and separators.  Our specially formulated bonding material and technique minimizes scatter and absorption, which in the long run substantially enhance the resistance to laser damage.

The Costa Mesa California location branch of Lambda is equipped with a 10,000 class clean room to perform critical opto-mechanical assembly.  Lambda’s mechanical engineers design and oversee the production of custom mechanics based on the customer’s requirements.

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