3D Optical Surface Profiler

Surface Roughness Measurement

With Zygo’s ZeGage Plus optical profiler, we are able to measure a wide variety of surfaces that range from very rough to super smooth with sub-nanometer precision.  Surface data visualization, analysis and reporting are provided upon request.

Correlates to 2D and 3D standards, and complies with ISO 25178 surface roughness parameters


  • Measures a wide variety of surface materials and finishes, from rough to super smooth, including steep slopes and large steps
  • 2D and 3D profiling of surface texture, form, step-height and more.
  • Non-contact metrology technique prevents part damage.
  • Selectable magnification and field-of-view with numerous imaging and system options.
  • Included Mx software provides comprehensive tools for surface data visualization, analysis and reporting.
  • Area-based measurement is insensitive to part lay.

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