We know reliable measurement means no surprises.  Testing is essential if we are to ensure that we live up to your demanding applications.  All optics are tested at Lambda to guarantee that they meet the intended specifications.  We use state-of-the-art instruments such as Zygo’s laser interferometers and spectrophotometers  to reach your targeted performance as you specified.

Surface Roughness Measurement

With Zygo’s state-of-the-art ZeGage Plus optical profiler, we are able to measure a wide variety of surfaces that range from very rough to super smooth with sub-nanometer precision.  Surface data visualization, analysis and reporting are provided upon request.

Correlates to 2D and 3D standards, and complies with ISO 25178 surface roughness parameters.


For visual analysis, we apply optical microscope technology to measure any surface defects and overall surface quality.  This tool allows for a magnification of 500x, where our technicians are able to see resolutions and quantitative measurements and identify unwanted defects only in size of few hundred nanometers.


We utilize PerkinElmer spectrophotometers to measure from DUV to IR. Our laser room consists of a broad selection of laser lines, which allow us to measure transmission, reflection, absorption, phase retardation, etc. at specific wavelengths.

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