Cylindrical Lens

Cylindrical lenses produce an optical power in one axis, by “stretching” a point of light into a line.  One or both surfaces of the lens are formed to have a convex or concave cylinder shape.

These cylindrical lenses are made from CaF2, MgF2, Fused Silica (for UV), BK7A, Pyrex, Zerodur (for Visible), ZnSe, ZnS, Ge, Si (for IR) depending on the wavelength of application. Anti-reflection & high reflector coatings are available.

Typical lead time for custom prototyping is 4 weeks.  In-house CNC machining supports a complete inventory of fabrication/polishing tools & test plates to make the short lead time a reality.  For demanding low quantity prototypes to high volume mass productions, we are ready to produce and meet your tough demands.

Cylindrical Lens Array

Cylindrical Lens Arrays are suitable for use in Lithography and Semiconductor industry laser applications from DUV (193nm) to NIR (1064nm).  The array contains several cylindrical lenses positioned next to one another.  Fabricating each individual cylindrical lens helps for the array that makes customizing the collimation length and field size easier.


  • UV CaF2 (193nm) / UV Fused Silica (248nm-1064nm)
  • S/F: lambda/8@633nm
  • S/D: 20/10
  • Chamfer: <0.05mm
  • Dimensions: +/-0.02 – 0.05mm
  • Radius:  +/-0.25%
  • Coating: V-type Anti Reflection – R<0.25%@Designed Wavelength (>=99.5% Transmittance)

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