Custom Prisms

Custom prisms are used in numerous applications in the aerospace and defense industries.  Retro-reflectors are used in range finder and topographical surveying instruments.  Highly reflecting prisms are used in various periscope applications.

Lambda’s complete machine shop and opto mechanic assembly team with state-of-the-art (angular deviation) measurement capabilities allow consistent and reliable prisms every time.

Prism Types

  • Prisms made from Fused Silica, BK7A, ZnSe, Si, Ge, or high index flint glass
  • Retro-reflectors with highly precise angular deviation specifications < 2 arc sec
  • Roof prisms with custom truncation
  • Knife edged Porro prisms
  • Brewster & Isosceles prisms
  • Littrow & Pelin Broca prisms
  • Metallic, dielectric, AR & hybrid coatings for 400nm-16µm

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