Beam Expander

2x-8x Magnification for Nd:YAG Applications
Lambda, in over 25 years of business, is committed to producing innovative optical products for customers at reasonable prices. Lambda continues this tradition with VHBX.

Beam expanders are telescopes in which a laser beam is expanded to a larger diameter. This can be useful to illuminate a larger area or to reduce the divergence of the beam.

Benefits of VHBX

  • Non-rotational (translational) Zoom system. Optical axis is always aligned
  • Fundamental, second and third harmonics (1064nm, 532nm, 355nm)
  • Suitable for high power applications


  • V type AR at wavelength of use. Total Transmission > 97%
  • Surface Quality: 10/5 both sides
  • Damage Threshold : > 5 J / cm², 10ns @ 1064nm
  • Housing : Black anodized Aluminum

* Other wavelengths other than Nd:YAG (such as 10.6um) are also available
* Flexible production capacity. Quick Turnaround is possible for high volume production

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