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UV Optics

UV Excimer Laser Optics

Optics for 193nm, 248nm, 308nm applications

When working at such short wavelengths, great care must be taken to prevent the occurrence of small defects in the optical components or their coatings. Also, coating layers are very thin requiring a high degree of precision and control in their
deposition. Many common optical glasses cease to transmit at these wavelengths so it is essential to use material such as UV grade Fused Silica, Calcium Fluoride or Magnesium Fluoride as component materials for transmissive optics. The fluoride materials are soft and hygroscopic which necessitates special handling and knowledge of the material shaping and polishing characteristics.

  • Cavity Optics: Rear mirrors & Output Couplers
  • Focusing lenses (spherical & cylindrical): FL specifically designed @ 250nm
  • Bending mirrors (45deg) & beam delivery optics
  • Polarizing optics: Waveplates, Polarizing plates, Contacted polarizing cubes
  • Prisms for beam dispersion


  • Optics with CaF2 & MgF2 material
  • Surface Quality: 20/10 or better
  • Surface Figure: lambda / 10 @ 633nm
  • Thin film coatings are designed for high laser damage threshold(Anti-reflection & High reflector coatings > 1.2J/cm2 @ 10ns)

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