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In Lambda USA (Costa Mesa CA), there are 16 coating chambers in operation cover the complete spectrum of 193nm – 20um. Lambda coating department is organized in 2 specialty groups with its own dedicated personnel and equipment
  • UV-NIR (193-3000nm) division
    • 193-367nm – UV coatings
    • 400-700nm – laser optics for the visible spectrum
    • 780-2940nm – laser optics for the near IR
  • Infrared (3000-20000nm) division
    • 2-5um & 7-20um – FLIR / Thermal imaging optics coating
    • 9.2-9.4um & 10.6um – CO2 laser optics

Lambda develops unique coating processes and constantly improves its control over its procedures.

  • Electron beam deposition
  • Electron beam deposition with ion assist
  • Thermal evaporation
  • VEST Coating (Plasma Source
In Lambda Korea (Seoul Korea), there are 3 coating chambers in operation with specialized expertise in Nd:YAG(355nm, 532nm, 1064nm) coatings.
In Lambda Changchun (Changchun, China), there are 2 coating chambers in operation with AR coating capabilities for the visible spectrum. 

Single & Dual Wavelength AR coatings (VAR / DAR)

Broadband AR coatings (SAR / BBAR)

Protected & Enhanced Metallic Coatings (PAL / EAL / PAG / EAG / PAU / EAU)

Dielectric High Reflective Coatings (XHR / HHR / HR / BHR)

Dichroic Beamsplitters – Beam Combiners – Harmonic Separators (SPD / LPD / BC / HHS)

Please contact Lambda’s sales team for coating service on customer supplied material.