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Custom Assembly

Home Custom Assembly

  • Optical Assemblies
  • Optics assembly with “optical contact” technique.
  • Multi-element achromatic lenses assembly with cement (UV or IR transmissive cements)
    • Standard Opto-mechanical Assemblies
    • Newly design mount housings of CO2 replacement lenses
    • Standard fixed & variable beam expanders
    • Air-spaced / Mounted waveplate assemblies
  • Custom Opto-mechanical Assemblies
  • Custom mechanical housings + Custom windows assembly
  • Design + Manufacture + Assembly : one stop solution

The Costa Mesa California location branch of Lambda is equipped with a 10,000 class clean room to perform critical opto-mechanical assembly. Lambda’s mechanical engineers design and oversee the production of custom mechanics based on the customer’s requirements.

Optically Contacted Cube Beamsplitter Programming the 5-axis CNC machine.