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Rectangular Plano Concave Cylindrical Lenses (CYLC)

Home Lenses Cylindrical Plano Concave LensRectangular Plano Concave Cylindrical Lenses (CYLC)

  • UV Grade CaF2 lenses are designed for use at 193-250nm
  • Anamorphic expansion
  • Concave side can be used as a reflector coating substrate.

Plano-concave cylindrical lenses provide uni-axial negative imaging for anamorphic beam expansion and a wide range of applications. These lenses may also be used as mirror blanks if a concave cylindrical surface mirror is required.

Material: UV Fused Silica
UV grade CaF2
Surface Flatness: UVFS & BK7A:< λ / 10 @ 633 nm
CaF2: < λ / 4 @ 633 nm
Surface Quality: UVFS & Bk7a: <10/5
CaF2: <20/10
Centration Error: < 3 arc min
Radius of Curvature Tolerance: +/-0.5%
Diameter Tolerance: < + 0.00 / - 0.20 mm
Thickness Tolerance: < ± 0.25 mm
Clear Aperture: >85% of central dimension


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