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Excimer Cavity Rear Mirrors (XRM)

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  • Rear mirrors (intra-cavity) for ArF (193nm), KrF (248nm), or, XeCl (308nm) excimer lasers
  • Calcium Fluoride or Magnesium Fluoride substrates

There are 193nm, 248nmm, & 308nm excimer lasers. These wavelengths find applications in micro-lithography, mircro-manfacturing and medical devices. At these wavelengths it is recommended to use Calcium Fluoride or Magnesium Fluoride substrates for intra-cavity transmissive optical elements. Note that Lambda’s high quality excimer laser cavity coatings are designed for Acid/Fluorine resistance.

Material: UV grade MgF2
UV grade CaF2
Surface Quality: < 20 / 10
Surface Flatness: < λ / 10 @ 633 nm
Diameter Tolerance: < + 0.00 / – 0.20 mm
Thickness Tolerance: < ± 0.25 mm
Clear Aperture: > 85% of diameter
Damage Threshold: >1.2 J /cm2, 10 ns
Durability: Meet adhesion and abrasion per MIL-C-675

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