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Corner Cubes / Solid Retro Reflectors (CCP)

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  • 180° bending prisms
  • 2 dimensional constant deviation
  • Total internal reflection at three faces

Corner cubes are excellent retro-reflectors. They return an incoming beam in the opposite direction along the same path. They produce a two dimensional 180° beam deviation making them useful for alignment purposes. These prisms are manufactured from BK7A or Fused Silica and may be selected to have 2, 5 or 10 arc sec angular deviation tolerance. The prisms are supplied uncoated but Lambda can apply anti-reflection coatings to the entrance face and protected metallic coatings to the three cube corner faces as required.

Material: BK7A
UV Fused Silica
Angular Deviation < 2 arc sec
< 5 arc sec
< 10 arc sec
Surface Flatness: < λ / 4
Surface Quality: <40/20
Dimension Tolerance: < + 0.00 / - 0.20 mm
Clear Aperture: > 85% in central circular dimension
Bevel: 0.1 mm (typical) x 45° on Exit / Entrance face.No bevel on the apex of the corner. (Sharp edge)

Part No Diameter H (mm) - reference only Material
CCP-06.3B 0.25" 5.0mm BK7A
CCP-10B 10mm 7.5mm BK7A
CCP-12.7B 0.5" 9.5mm BK7A
CCP-15B 15mm 11.5mm BK7A
CCP-20B 20mm 15.0mm BK7A
CCP-25.4B 1.0" 19.0mm BK7A
CCP-38.1B 1.5" 28.5mm BK7A
CCP-50.8B 2.0" 37.5mm BK7A
CCP-12.7U 0.5" 9.5mm UV Grade Fused Silica

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For coating information, please contact the Lambda Sales Team.